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Re: help getting screen dumps

> Does anyone have any software that will take symbolics windows and
> turn them into x bitmaps?  You see, we don't have lgp2 support (and
> brown won't spring for it simply to illustrate my thesis) or in fact,
> any printer support for the symbolics', and I need to get some
> screendumps into a format that our suns can understand and hand off to
> our printers.

we have had the problem to include Symbolics Screendumps in our Macintosh
documentations and papers. Therefore, we looked for a possibility to
write the Symbolics screen dump directly into a PICT file and to transfer
it on a MacIvory to the Mac side. It failed, nobody knows why!
After that we took the X-way, i.e. we wrote some small functions,
attached them to FUNCTION-X and we are now able to produce a popup menu
containing all active windows on a Symbolics (3600 + Ivory) and to
dump the selected window to a text file as standard X bitmap. The 
only disadvantage is the huge amount of disk space of a full screen
- some 650 kB!!! Ok, but as we are working on a Symbolics disk an 
memory space become unimportant!
To include such a transferable X bitmap into Mac programs we modiified
a formerly public domain program and called it XPict 1.1. Using XPict
you can take the X bitmap and transform it into an ordinary MacDraw or
Canvas File for further processing. Or simply to copy it by the clipboard
into your Word or MacWrite document. 
We tested the Symbolics side and the XPict with various configurations
(Symbolics 36xx, Ivory, Sun, ...) and we found it rather stable.
If you are interested in XPict we can mail it to you: the lisp sources
+ the StuffIt and BinHexed Mac program.

Bernd Wild.
Haid- und Neustr. 10-14
D-7500 Karlsruhe
Tel.: +49-721-6906-310
email.: bwild@fzi.uka.de