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STEAMER , Genera 8 + frame

                       Subject:                               Time:3:27 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          STEAMER , Genera 8 + frame thrower?    Date:7/19/90
Has anyone converted STEAMER to run in Genera 8 with the frame thrower?

I have STEAMER in Genera 7 that runs with high resolution graphics.  I tried to
bring this up, by recompiling and with help with a member of the Symbolics
technical staff,on an XL 1200 at our local Symbolics office but we could not.  
 Since I'm not familiar with Symbolic's hardware and the code itself is
undocumented, I don't know what the problem is.  My assistant suggested that
either there were incompatibilities between the color worlds (perhaps resolved
now?) or the STEAMER code made unwarranted assumptions about the color hardware
that were no longer true with the frame thrower.

Any help is appreciated, please send mail directly to me at

    - Thanks,