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1dw question0

    Date: Wed, 18 Jul 90 19:53 EDT
    From: miller@SOL.CS.ROCHESTER.EDU (Brad Miller)

1    Anyone have any ideas why this doesn't work?

      (using-resource (my-dw dw:dynamic-window TV:MAIN-SCREEN
			     :momentary-p T :hysteresis 15)

0When a DW:DYNAMIC-WINDOW is returned to the resource pool, its history
is cleared.  Every one of your USING-RESOURCE's cases expires before you
give the user a chance to see the output.  Even if it weren't for the
clearing, you don't want to offer the window to some other client of the
resource until you are really done with it.  Waiting for input, as you
devised, is the most straightforward solution.