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cheap trick for getting screen dumps

i managed to make 7.2 do screen dumps without any extra software from
symbolics (turned out the code to generate the necessary postscript
file was already present). solution was not elegant, but worked.

FIRST, i got Chris Lindblad's bolics to unix lpd-user package (this
enabled sending postscript files from the bolics to suns to print on

SECOND, after a little doing generated the screendump .ps files:

A. to start off i tried to print a screen dump (function-Q) and was
told not possible because it didnt have a font it wanted. well, B. i
then specified no header page (where the font was being used i
figured). still same error. then C. i grunged the code and it turned
out "no header page" meant make the postscript for the header but dont
print it! so i found the place in the code where the postscript for
the header it would never use was being generated and turned it off.
and D. then i got screendumps.

I dont have the modifications handy now, so i can't remember the funs
i modified, but it wasn't too hard to track down (starting with
SCREEN-HARDCOPY maybe?). anyway i guess i cant send bolics code over
the net, but i could find out the names of the funs involved and
describe the changes if you need (might take a couple of days to track

hope this helps,