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Using Unix as a file server for SYS

    Date: Fri, 20 Jul 90 10:13:48 EDT
    From: pga@crl.dec.com

    I understand you're using unix file servers as a repository for all
    your LISPM SYS files.  Are there any things to worry about or steps to
    switching over besides the obvious step of changing logical pathname
    host to the unix system?

Yes, my 8.0 sources are on a Unix file server (an Epoch-1 Infinite
Storage Server(tm), to be precise), and it works extremely well.
There are a few things to be aware of:

You should be running Symbolics NFS Client on the Lispms.

One of the directories in the path should be named <something>.sct,
which the 8.0 NFS interprets to mean that files in that hierarchy have
explicit version numbers (normally there's no version number on the
.newest files on Unix).

Symbolics file server, since they must be accessed before NFS is loaded.

After loading NFS you should reload your sys.translations file.  This is
because NFS changes a variable that affects the way Unix pathnames are
parsed (to support explicit versioning), and the Unix targets of the
translations will have been parsed in the non-versioning mode.