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Displaying Unix file information in DIRED

   Date: Sat, 21 Jul 90 21:14 PDT
   From: Kalman Reti <Reti@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

   The existence of a UX400S isn't germaine; its the existence of a Unix host
   running NFS on which I have an account (or know the password) which is lacking.

Sorry, I was assuming that most Symbolics people would have access to
Symbolics's Unix systems.

   Again, in this case, only by copying the entire body of code you are 'advising'.
   That seems philosophically more like a replacement than advice to me.  If there
   were an "advise at this PC" mechanism, then I'd agree with you.

I wish there were such a thing as well; often I can get pretty close with
advise-within.  If not, and the change needs to be made in the middle of
the function, I'll do a real patch rather than write :around advice that
never uses :do-it.

   Oops, technically, I probably didn't have the right to do it either (since
   I just now noticed that one of the functions is in the optional sources).
   I could have sworn that the one file listing function was in basic source
   some time back, since I modified it at a customer site without optional
   sources.  Maybe my memory is going as I get older.

I don't think it matters which source category something is in.  There's no
guarantee that everyone on the slug mailing list has signed a Symbolics
license (do delivery machines, such as 3610AE and Delivery MacIvory
systems, come with source code?).