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Terminal emulation problems with GNUEMACS on SUNs

This will probably not come as a surprise to anyone.

We have encountered problems with both the Ambassador and VT100 terminal
simulators when connecting to SUNS running Rel 4.0.3 of the SUN OS. We
set the SUN terminal type to "vt100" when using the VT100 terminal
simulator or if we set the type to "aaa" when using the Ambassador terminal
simulator. Then we invoke GNUEMACS. Under Genera 7.1 and 7.2, the screen is
painted correctly at first. But using ^N to move down in the buffer causes
lines to be blanked out. Using ^L restores them. Under Genera 8.0, the
screen is not painted correctly at first; 2 lines appear initially and then
run off the top of the screen. The cursor on the screen is then 2 lines
below its actual position in the buffer and one character to the right.

We cannot hack the TERMCAP entries for "vt100" or "aaa" so they work for
the Symbolics machines without fear of messing them up for other
"terminals". And for obscure reasons, we cannot define alternate entries
for the Symbolics machines (like "vt100-genera7" and "aaa-genera8").

Is anyone aware of patches which make the terminal simulators more correct?

Thanks in advance,


PS. Please CC any responses directly to me as I am not on the SLUG mailing
list. Thanks.