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printing on Lisp-m from Unix host

    Date: Sat, 21 Jul 90 16:07 PDT
    From: Rajiv@AI-SUN.jpl.nasa.gov (Rajiv Desai)

    We have a LW attached via a serial line to a Lisp-m. We also
    have a lot of SUNs on the same ethernet as our Lisp-ms. We would
    like to be able to print from SUNs onto our Lisp-m printer. We
    are running Genera 7.2 on our Lisp-m and SUN OS 4.1 on Suns.

    Qs. How do we configure our Lisp-m / SUNs ?

If anyone can answer this question please do so on Slug, or mail a copy
of your answer to me.  I'm in the same boat.