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printing on Lisp-m from Unix host

    Date: Fri, 27 Jul 90 11:30 PDT
    From: GAVAN@SAMSON.CADR.AMIS.COM (Gavan Duffy)

	Date: Sat, 21 Jul 90 16:07 PDT
	From: Rajiv@AI-SUN.jpl.nasa.gov (Rajiv Desai)

	We have a LW attached via a serial line to a Lisp-m. We also
	have a lot of SUNs on the same ethernet as our Lisp-ms. We would
	like to be able to print from SUNs onto our Lisp-m printer. We
	are running Genera 7.2 on our Lisp-m and SUN OS 4.1 on Suns.

	Qs. How do we configure our Lisp-m / SUNs ?

    If anyone can answer this question please do so on Slug, or mail a copy
    of your answer to me.  I'm in the same boat.

Since this is the third query about this in the last month (and someone
at Symbolics called me on the phone to ask whether I knew of any such
software), and there has been no answer so far, it's pretty obvious that
there is no Symbolics LPD server.

I saw a description of the protocol posted in netnews last week
(unfortunately, I don't remember what newsgroup, but if I find it I'll
post the location).  The source to CJL's Lispm LPD client (which is now
part of Genera 8.0) also contains a brief summary of the protocol (it's
pretty simple).  There are lots of Lisp Machine consultants out there,
so why doesn't one of you hire one to implement the server?