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Re: printing on Lisp-m from Unix host

> 	We have a LW attached via a serial line to a Lisp-m. We also
> 	have a lot of SUNs on the same ethernet as our Lisp-ms. We would
> 	like to be able to print from SUNs onto our Lisp-m printer. We
> 	are running Genera 7.2 on our Lisp-m and SUN OS 4.1 on Suns.
> Since this is the third query about this in the last month (and someone
> at Symbolics called me on the phone to ask whether I knew of any such
> software), and there has been no answer so far, it's pretty obvious that
> there is no Symbolics LPD server.
>                                                 barmar

This is not quite correct.  In response to a similar request a few months ago,
I received from J. Christoffel in Germany a piece of code that does this job
quite nicely.  It is free and available to those who ask.

HOWEVER, since we are in the process of getting rid of our Symbolics and I will
probably not be reading this mailing list much longer and since J. Christoffel
does not seem to be reading it very regularly, this (short) piece of code is
looking for a good home from where it could be distributed easily. Any takers?

Daniel Kirschen