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News Gateway Warning

    Date: Fri, 27 Jul 90 17:05 EDT
    From: cjl@ai.mit.edu (Chris Lindblad)

	Date: Fri, 27 Jul 90 14:53:36 EDT
	From: server@memphis.wif.ctt.bellcore.com

	Please include a "Subject" in your mail to groups of users in the future

    To whoever set up the gateway of SLUG mail through
    memphis.wif.ctt.bellcore.com, I find the messages that this program sends out
    extremely obnoxious.  Can you please stop this program from sending me bogus
    "warnings" about my mail to slug?  They only serve to annoy me.  I didn't ask
    for my mail to be forwarded through this gateway, and I don't care if it

    PS.  I had a subject line in my message.

I have also been receiving bogus "warnings" like this lately, when to my
knowledge I have had subject lines on all my outgoing messages.  I've
been tempted to reply to these obnoxious, pointless notes with something
such as "Bite me" but I decided that just installing a Zmail filter was
probably more efficacious.