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Xl1200 as x server

    Date: Thu, 2 Aug 90 10:06 EDT
    From: SWM@SAPSUCKER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Scott McKay)

	Date: Mon, 30 Jul 90 12:20:37 EDT
	From: bart@nynexst.com (Bart Burns)

	We are interested in running Genera applications via x windows on
	hostile platforms, using xl1200s as "Genera servers" .  Anybody out
	ther doing this?

    We were showing exactly this capability at AAAI, in the form of a
    SPARCstation 1 networked to a MacIvory using X.  It was surprisingly
    usable, much better than I would have thought.  When we connected to
    the XL1200, it was about as good as a local console (except for the
    Sun keyboard, of course :-).

Just how does  this work  (for the  X naive)?   Can you  run pretty much
anything on the  lispm? Or  does it  have to  be rewritten  for X  (like
applications running  on  hostile  platforms)?   Or  does  it have to be
otherwise X `compatible' in some fashion?  If not all apps can run,  can
you give a brief idea of what can & cant?

In particular can Macsyma be run (and get graphics and stuff)?  This
would be a good argument for spending some money on this.

And, since you only mentioned Ivories; How does it do with a lowly 3640?

Finally, rumor had it that in previous incarnations the X client (or was it the
server?) was fairly buggy.  Is the 8.0 version better?