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Xl1200 as x server

    Date: Thu, 2 Aug 90 14:23 EDT
    From: miller@GEM.cam.nist.gov (Bruce R. Miller)

    Just how does  this work  (for the  X naive)?

It's all done through the magic of object-oriented programming.  When
I/O is done to a window it performs generic operations on the screen
upon which it is displayed, and the screen may do generic operation on
the associated console (don't worry, there are optimized paths).  In the
case of ordinary, hardwired consoles the methods for the screen and
console are implemented using built-in hardware operations (writing into
the frame buffer memory, accessing I/O board registers, etc.).  But for
remote X screens and MacIvory displays the screen and console methods are
software routines that send appropriate messages to the server process
that manages the physical display (in the case of the MacIvory it is the
"Genera" application", in the case of a remote X screen it is the
general-purpose X server).