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Xl1200 as x server

    Date: Fri, 3 Aug 90 16:22:38 EDT
    From: olson@juliet.ll.mit.edu

    > Yes, but all of those random things you can do to the window stream are
    > implemented in terms of a relatively limited set of operations; that set is
    > implemented for both (B&W and color) hardware screens and for X-based
    > screens.

    Perhaps *too* limited.  I noticed signficant performance problems in drawing
    circles with a UX400S running 7.4.3 because the circle was being drawn
    point-by-point on the X screen.  Has this been fixed in 8.0? (I no longer
    have my UX400S board).

Unfortunately, some of the X Windows semantics *don't* match the
original Genera windows primitives precisely, especially in the area of
scan conversion.  I believe the :DRAW-xxx messages implement the
original semantics, simulating them if necessary, whereas the semantics
used by the GRAPHICS:DRAW-xxx functions have been defined to be the same
as the X Windows semantics.  In such cases, the high-level routines can
be faster than the old "primitives".  I believe there are also ways to
tell the window system whether it should try to implement the original
semantics or use the fast drawing mode provided by the host environment.

In addition, I do believe much of this was sped up in 8.0.  7.4.3 was
the first UX400S release, it just barely worked (actually, I couldn't
get past the "Set Site" command on the loaner UX400S we had until they
upgraded us to 8.0), and performance did not appear to be the highest