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Wrong version number on sys:site;metering.system

In Symbolics 3640 Genera 8.0, ...
world booted from FEP0:>c-starlisp-6-0-gen-8-0-v7.load.1 on Symbolics 3640
#5576 (Occam):

One of my users just tried to load the Metering system, and it didn't
work.  The problem turned out to be that the most recent version of
SYS:SITE;METERING.SYSTEM that was installed was version 1, but there was
already a METERING.SYSTEM.3.  The creation date of the latter is 4/10/86
(but it has a 1988 copyright notice in it), the author is Margulies and
it points to the sysdcl file for the Metering-Substrate system.  The
creation date of the correct one is 9/11/89.

Did Symbolics lose track of the version numbers?  Do other sites have
the version 3 file?  Or did we somehow end up with this file by