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Lispm vs Unix file servers

Barry Margolin writes:
>    Date: Thu, 9 Aug 90 12:25 EDT
>    From: PTW@JASPER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (P. T. Withington)
>	Date: Thu, 9 Aug 90 00:03:06 EDT
>	From: barmar@Think.COM
>	In a .sct hierarchy, that assumption is probably wrong.  No Unix programs I
>	know of can deal with directories where all the files have ~version~
>	suffixes.  
>    Not GNUEmacs?
>No.  The convention that GNU Emacs invented (and which is only
>implemented by GNU Emacs and Symbolics NFS, as far as I know) is that
>the newest version has no suffix, the second newest one has a "~"
>suffix, and the rest have ".~version~" suffixes.

Well, this is not what I recall. The newest has no version, then according to
the values of version-control, you get ~ or .~version~ :

Here is a part of GNU Emacs Info documentation:

Single or Numbered Backups

  If you choose to have a single backup file (this is the default),
the backup file's name is constructed by appending `~' to the
file name being edited; thus, the backup file for `eval.c' would
be `eval.c~'.

  If you choose to have a series of numbered backup files, backup file
names are made by appending `.~', the number, and another `~' to
the original file name.  Thus, the backup files of `eval.c' would be
called `eval.c.~1~', `eval.c.~2~', and so on, through names
like `eval.c.~259~' and beyond.

  If protection stops you from writing backup files under the usual names,
the backup file is written as `%backup%~' in your home directory.
Only one such file can exist, so only the most recently made such backup is

  The choice of single backup or numbered backups is controlled by the
variable `version-control'.  Its possible values are

     Make numbered backups.
     Make numbered backups for files that have numbered backups already.
     Otherwise, make single backups.
     Do not in any case make numbered backups; always make single backups.

`version-control' may be set locally in an individual buffer to
control the making of backups for that buffer's file.  For example,
Rmail mode locally sets `version-control' to `never' to make sure
that there is only one backup for an Rmail file.  *Note Locals::.

>	By the way, if Symbolics NFS is supposed to be compatible with GNU Emacs's
>	versioning convention, how come it doesn't create "foo~" files?  It goes
>	straight from "foo" to "foo.~version~".  This is a pretty annoying
>	incompatibility.
>    Sounds like a bug to me.  You should report it separately, if you have
>    not already.
>I probably reported it a few years ago, back when it was still ILA-NFS.
>It hasn't been annoying enough to reiterate until it came to me during
>this discussion.

May be I am missing something, as far as I can tell, this is not a bug. ILA-NFS
and GNUemacs (with version-control set to t) are consistents.