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Symbolics hardware for sale

    Date: Thu, 9 Aug 90 13:39 EDT
    From: pan@Athena.Pangaro.Dialnet.Symbolics.Com (Paul Pangaro)

    (2) 3640s, 167 MByte Disk, 2MW Memory, Console. $3500 each.

    (1) 3650, 300 MByte removable Disk, 2MW Memory, Tape Drive and Console.

    (1) 3670, 474 MByte Disk, 1MW Memory, Tape Drive, 8-bit Fram buffer,
    Color console. $8000.

    Other: 2MW Memory, color monitor, modem, fujitsu dot matrix printer.

    CONTACT: Brad Porter, Great Eastern Technology Inc., 238 Broadway,
    Cambridge, MA 02139.  617-547-0300.

Just a reminder to all those purchasing used Symbolics equipment on the
open market-- Genera software licenses are NOT transferable without the
prior approval of Symbolics.  Our policy is to approve such transfers
subject to the buyer and seller meeting certain conditions; however, the
buyer must REQUEST this approval from Symbolics.  In the event of
non-compliance with Symbolics' right to approve such transfers,
Symbolics has available as redress the right to collect license transfer
fees that we would otherwise typically waive.

Also, to avoid potential future complications, buyers are advised to
verify that sellers of used equipment have legal rights to the licenses
of any software they are attempting to transfer.  The buyer should
request copies of documents issued by Symbolics to the seller granting
or verifying those rights; or alternatively, the buyer may request
verification from Symbolics.