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:ROW-WISE option for presentation type ALIST-MEMBER


I'm appending a test file after this question.

Does anyone have any experience using the :ROW-WISE option with the presentation type
ALIST-MEMBER? I know it's not documented, but is this a lack of the documentation? or is this
code that hasn't been cleaned, with :ROW-WISE eventually being ignored? Can this be made to
work the way it appears that it should? Easily?

I would appreciate any comments...

;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: Common-lisp; Package: USER; Base: 10 -*-

;;;; it is my uderstanding that if ROW-WISE is given the value of NIL that the choices should
;;;; be displayed in a single column, one choice per row. this is (or should be) done by the
;;;; :CHOOSE-DISPLAYER for the presentation type ALIST-MEMBER (ALIST-MEMBER is an
;;;; abbreviation for SEQUENCE-ELEMENT which has said :CHOOSE-DISPLAYER)

;;;; HOWEVER, two successive calls to test-row-and-fill-options, one with :ROW-WISE t and the
;;;; other with it set to NIL result in the same display format

(defun test-row-and-fill-options (&KEY (row-wise t) (fill-p nil)
				       (stream *query-io*) )
  (let ((alist '(("this is choice 1" . :ONE)
		 ("this is choice 2" . :TWO)
		 ("this is choice 3" . :THREE) ))
    (dw:accepting-values (stream)
      (accept `((alist-member :ALIST ,alist)
		:ROW-WISE ,row-wise
		:FILL-P   ,fill-p)
	      :STREAM stream
	      :PROMPT "Select a Choice"
	      :DEFAULT nil)