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Lispm in the Sangre de Cristos

	Were you not aware that this sort of direct advertising is proscribed?

    No, I wasn't, but if there is any doubt about this message's
    appropriateness for this mailing list, I have revoked the message.
    Frankly I didn't see this message as being much different from people
    offering used machines for sale on the same list, which I also thought
    was an appropriate use of the list.  I apologise to any I have offended.
    I obviously do not understand the social etiquette of e-mail; is there a
    Miss Manners of e-mail?

I think the issue is not one of etiquette (though there 1is0 certainly an
etiquette of e-mail - I have a copy of an article on this subject - I
don't think you've violated it).  The people who support and administrate
the internet do not want to be doing so in direct support of commercial
enterprises, since it is government-funded.  So it is the distribution
of your mail to a list that goes out over internet channels that leads
to difficulty.  Stick to dialnet recipients and you'll be in the clear.