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[non]Status of TI

    Date: Tue, 14 Aug 90 18:11 PDT
    From: Gavan Duffy <GAVAN@SAMSON.CADR.AMIS.COM>

    I don't know that you can fault TI too much for trying to generate profits.

I don't fault them for trying.  I fault them for being blatant
hype-mongers, for destroying one of a handful of other players,
for 1failing0 to generate profits in this market, and for exiting.

I should mention that I do not hold this against any individual 
who may have worked for TI in this area - some of them are (or 
at least were before I sent mail on this subject) good friends
of mine - I blame TI as a corporate entity, and their marketing
strategy (I suppose you could call it that) in particular.

    It seems to me that the real villian is whoever gave them access to the
    technology in the first place.

Perhaps, but their only real fault in the matter was being foolish
enough to walk into TI's trap and needy enough to want the money 
badly.  Anyway, I think they've already suffered for their mistakes.

    I wonder why they did it.

Good question.  It may have been a matter of financial necessity.
Certainly TI's intentions were plain from the outset to anyone who 
knew much about their corporate history.