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Who's not deallocating a resource?

    Date: Thu, 16 Aug 90 14:12 EDT
    From: barmar@think.com (Barry Margolin)

    A little while ago a number of processes on my machine were stuck in
    "Big Packet buffer".  Luckily, you can hit c-m-Suspend and there's an
    "Allow more big packet buffers" proceed option.  However, I'm worried
    that there's a memory leak somewhere.

    Does anyone have any useful techniques for finding out who isn't calling
    NETI:DEALLOCATE-BIG-PACKET when they should?  I'm not sending this
    problem as a bug report to Symbolics yet because I've recently done some
    patching to TCP/IP and it's quite possible that it's my own fault.

If all your big packets get tied up up in reassembly nodes, you can get
blocked in "Big Packet Buffer".  Symbolics has a patch to make
ALLOCATE-BIG-PACKET do a PACKET-BUFFER-PANIC that may help you here.