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SLUG-90 Proceedings are ready.

    Date: Tue, 21 Aug 90 21:18 EDT
    From: miller@GEM.cam.nist.gov (Bruce R. Miller)

    Well, I've finally assembled the Proceedings for SLUG-90.
    Thanks to all who helped.

    I intend to post them to SLUG in a couple of days unless ...

    Two points:

    1) If anybody still has anything they wish to contribute, I'll still
    more than willing to accept them. (If I have appeared to have ignored
    any previous offers: it was a slip up, mailer crashes... in anycase
    unintentional. Sorry; try again, but let me know asap.) 

    2) Does anyone object to my posting this? especially you DialNet'rs?
    The file is 72K, in scribe format. [If so; Alternatives?]

Aside from the issue of Symbolics' phone bill the only problem with
dialnet is that big files tend to lose bits in transmission.  I know
it's a pain but perhaps you could split up the file into smaller (10K~)
chunks?  Personally, I would rather pay to have a hardcopy sent U.S.
mail but that would be a major headache.  Sigh....