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I want to thank the people who took the trouble to do some
investigation as to what advertising is and isn't legit
these days.  My intent was to do a (%INVALIDATE-CACHE)
to get newer info, not to assert that it's legal.  I'm
not terribly surprised by the answers.

I'd have done my own investigation, but the person I'd
ask was out of town.

To editoralize:  On a widely distributed list like this,
it's necessary to limit ourselves to the least common
denomenator of what's acceptable.  Even if advertising is
legal on some portions of the net (and we have no documented
examples), this list goes via many nets which may object.

If you want to send advertising via a particular piece of
the Internet, you'll have to take up the question with the
relevant administrators.  Some may be restrained by agreements
with NSF.  Good luck!