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SLUG Proceedings.

Wow! I guess I'll just take the path of least irritation!

Besides, after including some  songs that Paul  sent, and other  stuff I
stumbled across floating around in my mailer, the file has grown to  85K
and 30 pages!  I've included the transcript of Jay Wurts speech, too; It
seemed appropriate to have the thing as complete as possible.

But, I  have  to  agree  with  Barmar;  a  72K, not to mention 85K, mail
message sucks bigtime.  On the other hand, this isn't really supposed to
be a routine thing ya know -- once a year?.

The file is in Symbolics' Scribe not real Scribe (I normally use LaTeX).
Several people have expressed  a preference for  plain text.  What  with
the `magic  of  object  oriented  programming',  I would have thought it
would be  trivial  to  simply  Format  File to destination (:file <file>
:text (or :ascii  or..)).  But  NO!!! Sage  wont bite.  (or should I say
that Sage DOES BITE!)

[BTW: Does  it  mean  you're  an  bona-fide  LispM Guru when 90% of your
meta-.'s turn up "The  source for FOO  is not available"?  Or maybe just
cheep? JEEZ!(@)!#*!@)*# damn secrets!]

Anyway; I'ld like to `format' the scribe to a file, strip fonts by  hand
if necessary, and viola (or is it voila?) I'ld have a pretty fair  plain
text version!  Anybody know the trick?   I suppose I can display  to the
screen, mark & yank, UGH! 30 pages!

So, here's the scoop.

1) I'll pass the file to Mabry, who'll put it into a public FTP
directory, both .scribe and .text if its ok w/ Mabry.  

2) I'll email to anyone who can't FTP.  For Dialnet'rs I'll break the
file into 5 chunks (is 20K/chunk OK?).   Send me your email address,
scribe/text preference and whether you need it chunkified.