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CL Benchmarks Using AutoClass II: Revisited (MacIvory revised)

    Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 16:11 EDT
    From: David A. Moon <Moon@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

       cpu  %-cpu  elapsed  %-elap  configuration
		     36.15    15.5  Symbolics MacIvory (20mb RAM; FPA;
				       Genera 7.3I)

    There are two models of MacIvory and you didn't specify which one this was.
    From the slow speed I would guess it was a model 1.  If you can get your
    hands on a MacIvory model 2 running Genera 8.0 you might want to run the
    test again; I'd expect the newer software and newer hardware to produce
    a dramatic improvement, probably a bit over a factor of 2.

It was a model 1 Ivory board.  With the help of Dave Sobek of Symbolics, I ran
the benchmark on a MacIvory model (or Rev. ?) 2 under Genera 8.0.  The results:

   cpu  %-cpu  elapsed  %-elap  configuration
  5.30  100.0     5.60   100.0  Symbolics XL1200 (16mb RAM; FPA; Genera 8.0)

 11.27   47.0    12.35    45.3  Symbolics MacIvory (10mb RAM; FPA; Rev 2;
	                           Genera 8.0)

show a factor of 3 improvement.  This exceeds the XL400 (which also has a Rev 2
Ivory), apparently because of the higher chip clock rate and on-board cache.

    Also, 20MB RAM is an unusual configuration for a MacIvory, are you sure
    that number is accurate?  From the other table entries it looks like you
    count 4 bytes per word for Symbolics machines, so a typical MacIvory
    configuration would be 10.25MB, using one so-called 16MB memory board.


20MB RAM is indeed an error, the proper value is 10.25MB.