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printing problems

This kind of mail should probably go to Customer-Reports@Symbolics
instead of SLUG, unless you haven't gotten a good response from them.

    Date: Thu, 23 Aug 90 09:30:54 EDT
    From: kristina@cmi.com (Kristina Fayyad)

    I would like any help in determining why Hard Copy File works on all
    but one of our Symbolics.  We have a UX400 and two MacIvorys, one of
    which is the namespace server.  The printer is spooled off of one of
    our Suns. Printing had been working fine on all the Symbolics, but now
    it doesn't work on the non-namespace server MacIvory.

    Any suggestions?

It's hard to know what to suggest without any symptoms.  What does the
error message say?  Or does it appear to work and then you just don't
get any printed output?  Do any other hardcopy operations work (e.g.,
the editor command Hardcopy Region), or are all hardcopy operations
failing the same way that Hardcopy File is?