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[Houman: thanks for passing this along.]
    From: devooght@ADS.COM (Lawrence De Vooght)
    Date: Thu, 23 Aug 90 01:37:05 GMT
      Some years ago I saw a Symbolics demo of a flock of birds flying
    around obstacles (columns) without breaking their formation. If
    anyone has this demo I would appreciate a copy.
		    Thanks in advance, 

The software was called "Boids".  The particular animation you describe
was called "Flocking Around" and was produced in 1986.  A year later we
produced the animated short called "Stanley and Stella in: Breaking the
Ice" which featured crowd scenes where the "extras" were implemented by
this technique.

What is it that you would like a copy of?  The software is available,
but it requires at least S-Geometry and S-Dynamics as substrate.  If
you already have access to those we could send you a copy of the Boids
code.  If you are looking for a copy of the video tape of Boids demos,
limited quantities of that are available, in various formats.  Let me
know what you need and we can probably work something out.