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Meaning of "Changed Definitions" in release 8

	I just noticed that "Add Patch Changed Definitions" seems to
have different behavior in release 8 than it did in release 7.  It used
to be that adding a function to the patch file was the only thing that
cleared it from the changed list, saving buffers had no effect.  Over
the past few days I changed many functions in a system, used "Write
Buffer" (our file server was down for two days) and finally "Save File
Buffers".  When I went to "Add Patch Changed Definitions", there weren't
	I checked the documentation and it seems to be unchanged (except
for the Ignore option, which I applaud), but the definition of changed
definitions is never really spelled out.  What is the behavior of these
functions supposed to be?  Also, do the bugs with meta-shift-C also
extend to these functions?
-Bill Long