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Meaning of "Changed Definitions" in release 8

    Date: Mon, 27 Aug 90 10:31 EDT
    From: WJL@ZERMATT.lcs.mit.edu (Bill Long)

	    I just noticed that "Add Patch Changed Definitions" seems to
    have different behavior in release 8 than it did in release 7.  It used
    to be that adding a function to the patch file was the only thing that
    cleared it from the changed list, saving buffers had no effect.  Over
    the past few days I changed many functions in a system, used "Write
    Buffer" (our file server was down for two days) and finally "Save File
    Buffers".  When I went to "Add Patch Changed Definitions", there weren't
	    I checked the documentation and it seems to be unchanged (except
    for the Ignore option, which I applaud), but the definition of changed
    definitions is never really spelled out.  What is the behavior of these
    functions supposed to be?  Also, do the bugs with meta-shift-C also
    extend to these functions?
    -Bill Long

The new (supposedly fixed) behavior is to add changes that happened
since the buffer was written out, not since it was read in.  This really
bothered me because there is no "switch" that I can find to revert back
to the pre-8.0 behavior.  So I whopped the (:SAVE-TICK BUFFER) method
and put in my own switch.