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   Your code sounds interesting however I seem to have managed, so far
with the redisplayer method (it is really trivial).
   I am not sure about several comments you made and would appreciate

   1.  You mention that graphics operations don't work correctly in G7.2
     We are currently using G7.2 yet I don't seem to have any problems
     printing garphics.  Could you enumerate the problems?

   2.  You mention mirror-image printer streams and redisplay code.  Although
     it is, no doubt possible to use these, the default (at least with 
     do-redisplay)  is to have the printer stream behave as a regular window
     stream.  Using a redisplayer requires onlu one extra line of code. 
     I may be missing something important though,  Am I?

   3.  Your function requires only the name of the window.  Do dynamic windows
     contain high level information about their contents or are you simply
     producing a postscript bitmap output?