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CLOE CLIM Documentation

Symbolics is releasing a preliminary version of CLIM bundled as part
of its CLOE 3.0 product.  CLOE 3.0 customers will receive the 
CLIM software and documentation.

Because we have received requests from other people for the information
about CLIM, we are offering the Symbolics CLIM documentation as a separate
product, at a cost of $50.00 (shipping and tax included).  The purpose of
this documentation product is simply to provide a way for people to get 
information about CLIM.

The document is entitled "CLOE CLIM: Preliminary Release" (part # 999828).  
It is approximately 250 pages long. It contains introductory information
about CLIM, a tutorial consisting of several related examples 
programs, conceptual and reference information about CLIM, and a 
dictionary of CLIM operators describing their syntax.

This document was written to accompany the CLOE 3.0 release, so it might 
vary in some details from the behavior of other CLIM implementations.
Also, we are continuing to expand and revise this document in 
preparation for Genera CLIM.

All orders must be prepaid.  To order "CLOE CLIM: Preliminary Release" send
your check for $50.00, made out to SYMBOLICS, INC., to the following address:

		Symbolics, Inc.
		c/o Mark Graffam
		Eight New England Executive Park, East
		Burlington, Massachusetts 01803

Please be sure to provide your return address!