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Re: Meaning of "Changed Definitions" in release 8

    Date: Mon 27 Aug 90 15:54:17-CDT
    From: HI.COHEN@mcc.com (Rich Cohen)

    Release 8.0 introduced a change in the default behavior of M-X List
    Changed Definitions of Buffer and friends

Ugh!  This seems to me to be both gratuitous incompatibility,
and an outright disimprovement.  I don't see any reason to
assume that saving my buffer to avoid losing my work has any
correlation with which in a long series of changes needs to
go into a patch.

When this was decided on, what did people think the status of
the functions modified but never patched should be?  Unpatched
changes waiting to bite the next person to do a recompilation
of the system?

For me, the default behaviour maps to DO NOTHING.  I have always
subscribed to the model:  EDIT-COMPILE-SAVE-TEST-PATCH.  Moving
SAVE to the end gratiutously adds risk of forgetting to save your
work, or losing it when your test screws up your machine.

It's my opinion that this change was ill-considered.