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RE: NNTP Reader for the Symbolics

There was an NNTP News Reader for the Symbolics on the Slug Library (Tape
number 7) during Slug-90.  It was written by Peter Clitherow from Bellcore
and runs under Rel 7.2 (or later) according to the docs.  It requires
Symbolics TCP/IP.  At SLUG I remember someone saying "It works but I'm
planning to make some more enhancements when I get back from SLUG, so 
grab the code via Anonymous FTP at site mumble..mumble.  Unfortunately,
I don't remember the site.  I have the Slug Tape and have restored the
files at my site but for security reasons, I'm not allowed to have any
of our Symbolics connected to the Internet so I haven't be able to
try it out.
                                                  Jim Dumoulin
                                                  NASA / Kennedy Space Center