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RE: Slug Library Listing

    Date: Fri, 31 Aug 90 16:58 PDT
    From: Jim Dumoulin <DUMOULIN@TITAN.KSC.NASA.GOV>
    Subject: RE: Slug Library Listing
    To: slug@Warbucks, drstrip@cs.sandia.gov
    X-Vmsmail-To: SMTP%"slug@ai.sri.com"
    I'm not the SLUG Librarian but I happen a list of files on all
    the Slug library tapes, so here they are.
					  Jim Dumoulin
					  NASA / Kennedy Space Center

I suspect Jim accidentally included SLUG in his reply.  I'm sure he didn't
mean to send a 200K byte message to everyone.  I didn't see it for about 7
hours so it got delivered to most addresses but I think I caught it before
it hit the dialnet people.  If anyone wants it, the file is on
anonymous login).

Mabry Tyson