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DEBUG-INFO-AREA grows to enormous size

A colleague is working with Statice and the Symbolics presentation
system (I guess SemantiCue is the proper name).  She is having to reboot
her machine every week or so, however, because it fills up rapidly with
uncollectable garbage.  The primary space guzzler is apparently the
DEBUG-INFO-AREA, which balloons to 10-15 MB or so.  Since
DEBUG-INFO-AREA is a static area, dynamic GC doesn't touch it; and the
one time my colleague tried SI:FULL-GC under these conditions, it blew
up.  Has anyone run into a problem like this?  What all goes into the
DEBUG-INFO-AREA, and who is the likely culprit in this case?

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories

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