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Symbolics to Sun Port Questions

    Date: Wed, 12 Sep 90 08:15:39 PDT
    From: curte@beowulf.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Curt Eggemeyer)

    I have a few general questions, concerning OTHER LISP systems 
    for non-XL hybrid SUN class machines.  

Do you mean "non-XL (hybrid Sun)" (i.e. a Sun hybrid with something
other than an Ivory) or "non-(XL hybrid) Sun" (i.e. a Sun that either
isn't a hybrid or is a hybrid with a non-Ivory)?  From the remainder of
the message it appears that you are talking about unadorned Suns.

    1)  What other LISP environments are available for SUNs and 
    where can I contact them?

Sun Common Lisp is Lucid Common Lisp, and is sold by Sun.  It includes
Flavors (old Flavors, I think) and an interface to Sun windows.  The
upcoming version 4.0 should include CLOS.  CLX is available for it, and
CLIM should be available soon.

    3)  Display translation or is it a total rewrite?  What is 
    available out there that sits on top of X-Windows and what 
    kind of headaches am I looking at in converting my display 
    code?  (ie: Common Windows is available with Allegro)

If your display code were using Dynamic Windows you'd be in luck, but I
don't think there's much hope for static windows code.  CLIM is similar
to DW, and there's a package called Express Windows (I think that's the
name) that provides DW compatibility on top of X.