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window inits help --- suggestion

    Date: Wed, 12 Sep 90 15:31:47 EDT
    From: sims@starbase.MITRE.ORG (Jim Sims)

     Is there a way to force ANY windows that get created after booting
    (forever!) to be initialized with :deexposed-typeout-action :permit?
    Seems like a trivial thing, but...


Nothing is trivial that has to be done twice:

  (loop for (name window) in (tv:selectable-windows tv:main-screen)
	do (send-if-handles window :set-deexposed-typeout-action :permit)
	   (send-if-handles window :set-deexposed-typein-action  :notify)
	   (send-if-handles window :set-more-p nil))

Note that this may make Mailer windows odd on hitting [Survey], I never tracked
that one down completely.