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Re: Security Logging System -> SLUG Librarian

    Date: Thu, 13 Sep 90 10:02 EDT
    From: davel@whutt.att.com

    Is Brittney McAlister still the SLUG librarian?  I had submitted a system
    for the SLUG library (Security Logging System) which I didn't find in Jim
    Dumoulin's listing of the library.  I have not received a reply at the
    above address for Brittney McAlister, either.  Could someone please
    tell me what is going on?

    David Loewenstern
    AT&T Bell Laboratories
    Whippany, NJ 07981
    email: davel@whutt.att.com || whutt!davel
    at&t: 201-386-6516

I am replying for Brittney (a co-worker). Yes, she still is the Librarian, however, she has
been in the hospital for a collapsed lung and a blood clot for the past month. She is
expected to return next week. As for the library listing mentioned above, I'm not sure, but I
believe that this came from the listing distributed at SLUG-90, which would account for it
not being updated. As always, we appologize for the inconvenience----