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accessing files on a SUN file server from a Symbolics

    Date: Thu, 13 Sep 90 11:37:28 EDT
    From: harmon@xn.ll.mit.edu

	    I have encountered an annoying problem with Genera 8.0.1. When accessing
    files on our SUN file server and the file is located several directories down,
    access is extremely slow. I have tracked this down to the manner in which the
    Symbolics reads the directory entries. It seems to continually reread the directory
    in which the file is located. Sometimes it even revisits the directories above.
    If I am moving a large file accross the network this can become extremely slow.

	    The protocol being used is TCP-FTP and the Symbolics machine is a 3675. Is
    there anyone out there who can help/explain what is going on?

I've never seen it reading the directories above.  However, it does
frequently read the directory containing the file, as that is how it
gets the few file properties that the Unix FTP server supplies (the file
modification date is one of these).

I think 8.1 may include my FTP changes that optimize this.