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Recent questions about CLOS

    Date: Fri, 14 Sep 1990 19:23 EDT
    From: John C. Mallery <jcma@REAGAN.AI.MIT.EDU>

	Date: Fri, 14 Sep 1990 12:02-0400
	From: Moon@stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com (David A. Moon)


	I don't think the implementations now available are unusably slow.

    How would you compare the present performance of CLOS to flavors on the

CLOS and Flavors perform about the same on Ivory-based machines (one can
find examples that are faster in CLOS and other examples that are faster
in Flavors, most things are the same speed).  So I'd expect both CLOS and
Flavors to be 3 times as fast on the XL1200 as on the XL400; I don't happen
to have the actual numbers at my fingertips to confirm that.  I'd expect the
performance equality of CLOS and Flavors (for things that can be done in both)
to remain the same in future Ivory-based machines.

	     What can we expect in the future?  

CLOS on Ivory-based machines is pretty heavily optimized as far as speed
goes.  I would expect any future additional optimization to be oriented
towards improving virtual-memory locality rather than raw speed.  However,
I think this is really a "you tell me" situation.  Customers should let us
know what their priorities are for CLOS.

Flavors is already quite heavily optimized and I wouldn't expect to see
any more work put into further improving Flavors.

     Across lisp environments?

Sorry, I can't figure out what this question is asking.