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Version number in NFS filesystem

I have a program which is running over different platforms and lisps, therefore
I am interested in using the same sources files over different systems.

We are running NFS, and I used the defsystem facility on the lispm, with logical
pathname. A priori, I do not want to put my files in an sct directory,
otherwise they will all end up with version number (even the most recent
version), and the other lisp and gnuemacs will not "recognize" them.

So far I was using a standard Unix NFS directory. In this case, version are used
if and only if you have more than one version of the file. The last version is
always without extension, and the other one have a version number. Under this
scheme, one could think that the version of a file is 1 if no other version of
this file is found or 1 + (the highest version number found).

But this is not true, under this scheme, any version number on a logical
pathname is expanded as the without version file. Therefore, if I try to
restore a distribution tape in this directory, all the file already exist.

Is there anything I am overlooking here? In case I was using an sct directory,
has anybody written some gnuemacs macro such that you can edit this directories,
and get the version numbers right?

Thanks in advance,