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Re: printing to a unix box

    Date: Thu, 20 Sep 90 11:21:47 EDT
    From: olson@juliet.ll.mit.edu

    Thats correct, of course, but there is much simpler way to load the 
    unix-lpd software.  Unix-lpd really has nothing to do with RPC, nothing 
    to do with Embedding-Support, and nothing to do with UX-Support.  Just
    load it (the file sys;embedding;ux;unix-lpd) on top of IP-TCP.  

    This also applies to the unix-rsh and unix-tape software which can
    be found in the same directory. (Famous last words: I have compiled and 
    loaded unix-lpd in the manner described, but I haven't actually used it.)

This is probably true.  However, there's lots of good stuff in RPC,
Embedding-Support, and UX-Support, and much of it has little to do with
embedded systems, except that embedded systems require them.  If you
have Lispms sharing a network with Suns you'll almost certainly find
uses for the stuff in these systems.