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telnet and ftp access

    Date: Fri, 21 Sep 90 14:17:07 MDT
    From: riedesel@daneel.den.mmc.com (Billy Joel)

    Ok, I just got 8.0 loaded on our 3640.
    Now Icannot seem to telnet or ftp to it.  I keep getting connections refused.
    I have the ip-tcp system loaded and services enabled.

There was an explicit change to TCP security in 8.0.

Check the Secure Subnets item in your site object1:
0	(Edit Namespace Object1 0Site 1your-site-name)

0An empty entry for Secure Subnets in 7.2 meant all subnets were trusted,
anyone could login.

An empty entry for Secure Subnets in 8.0 means NO subnets are trusted.

Direct from the documentation:

       2Site Object Attribute: Secure-Subnets

0       3Secure-Subnets0     3One or more lists that specify networks and the
0                         3"trusted" subnets.4 3Hosts on the specified subnets are
0                         3"trusted",4 3which means that they are permitted to in-
0                         3voke servers at the site.4 3This attribute controls the
0                         3subnet security feature of any servers4 3that use the
0                         5:trusted-p3 or 5:reject-unless-trusted3 keywords4 3to
0                         5net:define-server3.4 3The following server-side proto-
0                         3cols4 3respect the 5secure-subnets3 attribute:4 3NFILE,
0                         3QFILE, TCP-FTP, and4 3TFTP.

0                         3The first element in each list is a network type, ei-
0                         3ther CHAOS or4 3INTERNET.4 3The second element is
0                         3one or more subnet numbers.4 3For4 3CHAOS networks,
0                         3the subnet numbers are represented as octal4 3character
0                         3strings.4 3Internet subnet/network numbers are repre-
0                         3sented4 3as decimal character strings.4 3For example:

0                              6Secure Subnets: CHAOS 1 3 4 5 16 22 24 26 30
0                              6Secure Subnets: INTERNET

0                         3If this attribute has no value for INTERNET, then no
0                         3Internet4 3subnets/networks are trusted.4 3If this attribute
0                         3has the value "ALL"4 3for INTERNET, then all Internet
0                         3subnets/networks are trusted.

0                         3If this attribute has no value for CHAOS or the value
0                         3"ALL", then4 3all Chaos subnets are trusted.