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    Date: Sun, 23 Sep 90 17:19:43 IST
    From: luria%TECHSEL.BITNET@cunyvm.cuny.edu (Marc Luria)
    This may not be the right list, but I'll ask anyway.
    We wanted to port an application developed here on our Symbolics machines
    to a SparcStation.  We have old sources for kcl but were not able to port
    them due to some difference between suns which are exported.  Two questions
    where can I get a copy of kcl, and has anyone successfully installed it on
    a sun outside of the us.
I don't know where to get a copy, but I'll point out that
KCL stands for Kyoto Common Lisp, and it originated in Japan.
So yes, it is "easily" installed on Suns outside of the US.

I highly recommend getting a commercial Common Lisp for
the Sun, rather than KCL.  For example, Sun sells Lucid's
Common Lisp, and Franz, Inc sells one which I have seen
used with good success in both the US and Japan.

There are also vendors of improved KCL-derivative lisps.
Ibuki Common Lisp (ICL) is the one I know most about, (which
isn't much, but probably Eric Weaver or someone will jump
in with more info).  I do know that he says it has a vastly
improved debugger; KCL's debugger is perhaps its weakest