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8.0.1 flod files and Rev 2 IO

Since loading the 8.0.1 flod files on my disk a couple of days ago,
I have been unable to boot my machine (a 3600 with rev. 2 IO) due to   
a bus error that occurs when I do Clear Machine or Load Microcode.  
The timing of these incidents may be purely coincidental, but I am
suspicious because my machine had been completely stable for months
prior to this.  I wonder if a particular ECO level on some of the
boards is required for the new flods (I didn't see any indication of
this in the 8.0.1 notes).  Unfortunately, I deleted the older flods 
from the disk and the problem prevents my getting them back on it to
see if it makes a difference.

I have tried swapping boards (I have a complete set of spares) to no
avail.  I also tried using a second copy of the flod files (same 8.0.1
versions) that are on my second disk; no help there.  Has anyone else
encountered this kind of problem?  Has anyone loaded 8.0.1 flods and
used them on a 3600 with old-style IO?  Any help appeciated.