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Color Text for CAD II --- what I was looking for

    Date: Tue, 2 Oct 90 08:33:51 MDT
    From: s9274%srl1@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM

    Unless I miss my guess, what Pangaro has been asking about is not how to
    draw strings in color, but how to display text in color. One approach is
    to set the char-aluf of the window to the desired color before doing the
    output, then to set it back to the default after the output is complete.
    This way, one can continue to use textual output and not have to try to
    figure out exact screen locations for strings, as GRAPHICS:DRAW-STRING
    would require.

    John Krieger

With sincere thanks to all who responded, the above is what I was hoping
for and I am anxious to try it. I saw and understood the hassles with
alus, fill-masks and draw string cursor positions from the documentation
myself, but wanted to avoid them, especially since I was converting
stuff from B&W to color which had masses of layers between where I had
my string arg, and where the screen got painted (this an artifact of a
"presentation type" context sensitive and scrollable text that we wrote
years ago in Release 5 ---- couldn't bear the idea of hacking globals
to set params deep inside the code where the screen got painted.....)
thanks to all again