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proceeding from CLOS error

    Date: Wed, 3 Oct 90 11:15:00 EDT
    From: "\"Keith%GOJIRA.ATL.GE.COM\""%42.21.decnet@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM

    (email replies to kmorgan@atl.ge.com)
    Whenever I have to redefine a CLOS method with a new lambda pattern I
    get a congruency error (see below), which means I have to type in new
    defgeneric form for the sole purpose of getting my code to compile. Has
    anyone hacked a proceed case to enable the lambda pattern to be
I haven't written a proceed case, but I use 
m-x Kill definition, 
and that way I avoid writting the defgeneric. It would
be nice to have something like a c-m-shift-c, that does an incremental compile
with a kill definition first.