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Making a Program Frame smaller than screen size

    I am attempting to build a program framework whose size is less
    than the entire screen.  I have defined pane sizes with :lines and
    pixel counts to be about 400 pixels in height, yet the resultant
    frame is the screen height.

    I tried:

	      :other-defflavor-options (:default-init-plist (:height 400))
	      -- no effect

		:size-from-pane <pane-name>
	      -- no effect

    In my toplevel function I did a :set-edges n n n n, which reduces the
    size of the entire frame, BUT also reduces the size of some of my panes.

    Using Genera 8.0.1.

I sent this into Customer Reports two weeks ago and have not received an
answer (they replied that they were looking into it).  My guess is that
the solution is readily available from someone on SLUG.

Thanks -  Will Taylor