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"Pending Notifications" problem in 8.0

We recently installed Genera 8.0 on our Symbolics 3600 and 3640 machines.
We are having a problem with "pending notifications":

  When a notification is to be displayed on a background window,
the message "nn pending notifications" appears at the lower right on
the who-line.  In previous releases, when we did a Function-0-S to
display the notification, the "pending notifications" message was cleared;
in 8.0, it is not.  Subsequent notifications just increment the "nn"
number of notifications.

This has two main drawbacks:

-- unless you have kept track of what the most recent number of
   notifications was, you do not know if you have a new one;
-- you can no longer follow the progress of files being read or written
   (the pending notifications message blocks the file information).

Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there anything that can be done
about it?


Paul Orgren (orgren@rtc.reston.unisys.com)