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Fatal bug warning (X server/Keyboard control)

I've been bit 3 times recently where my system froze up and I couldn't recover
with warm booting.  This occurred when I was going into the X-server on the
Lispm (OBS console but probably occurs on any non-embedded lispm).

I believe I have tracked it down to a problem deep in the guts of console
input (and I've reported my suspicions to Symbolics).  It appears that
mixing input buffers with the :RAW property and enabling auto-repeat is
the problem.  The only two systems that I know of that use this :RAW property
are Keyboard Control and the X server.

I doubt many people are using the Keyboard Control activity very much so
you should only worry about it if you are using the X server (on a
non-embedded Lispm) in 8.0.  If you are, then I suggest you disable
auto-repeat until the problem is identified and fixed by Symbolics.

(Maybe you can guarantee that the system won't think you have a key down
when it transfers to the X server pane.  But note that if you type :SWITCH
MODE<return> and then type something, intending it to go to
the X client, then you may have a key down just when the system switches
to the :RAW input buffer.  If that happens, you will have to cold boot.)

As I said, I've reported this to Symbolics.  Of course, I've wasted something
like 15-20 hours because of it (3 hours or so figuring it out and reporting
it and the rest reconstructing the state my machine was in).  I wouldn't
wish this on any of you...